Green Science Weather Station

Green Science Weather Station

Learn about various weather phenomena and how they are formed. Perform fun and interesting educational experiments.

Experiment with static electricity that causes lightning, create clouds in the palm of your hand, watch air currents that produce wind, experiment with acid rain, explore the impact of global warming and build a water-cycle model. 

When you have finished exploring you can recycle the bottle and make your very own mini greenhouse. Includes required materials and detailed instructions.

4M is a well established brand of educational, imaginative and creative toys. This really is a unique brand of intelligent kits that stimulate, entertain and educate young minds.

Box contains:

1 x Balloon
1 x Cloud-Making Pump
2 x Thermometers
2 x Thermometer Holders
1 x Thermometer Arm
1 x Pencil Stand
1 x Spiral Template
1 x Cloud Shape Cover
1 x Mountain Shape, 1 x Pimples Stopper
1 x Mountain Base
1 x Seed Tray
pH Test Paper
pH Indicator Colour Chart (punch out from the package box flip)
1 x Detailed Instructions With Fun Facts

Dimensions: 21.6cm x 16.8cm x 6cm