Tree 4 Tea Wooden Coasters

Slices of tree branches create these unique, natural wooden coasters. Not only beautiful, they're a practical way of protecting surfaces in and around the house. 

Each coaster ingeniously brings nature closer to home, and a new way to appreciate the natural world. Available in either apple, oak or alder: the coasters show the intricate and exquisite structure of each tree, from the rings to the rough bark.

Material: the wood may warp over time, but it can be flattened by leaving to dry upside down.

Size: 9cm - 12cm diameter | Available in a set of 2 or 4.

Please note: because of the unique nature of each tree branch, no coaster will be the same. Each varies in size, texture and pattern - they will differ from the product images.

£8.99 £12.50