Story of Life: Evolution

by Katie Scott

Story of Life: Evolution is a graphic, fold out guide to evolution.

It starts with the first single-cell organisms, 541 million years ago in the Pre-Cambrian era and ends with modern life forms in the Neocene and Quaternary eras. On the reverse there is information about developments in each period - it's good to see the book doesn't fall into the trap of having the timeline on front and back.

It's perfect for classroom display use and will support the now compulsory teaching of evolution at KS2. Beautifully illustrated and full of detail, this really helps put evolution into context. It will stimulate children's interest and encourage them to investigate further.

Packaged in the same format as Big Picture Press's Design Line series, Story of Life is a strong non-fiction offering that will complement the best-seller Animalium and is a valuable edition to the 'Welcome to the Museum' series.

Dimensions: 32.2cm x 1.4cm x 26.4cm | 14 pages