Scalesia Zone

by Eleanor Taylor

Scalesia is a genus of fifteen different species of shrubs and trees endemic to Galapagos Islands. Some of these species are widely distributed whereas others are only found on specific Islands. They are mostly shrubs which grow within the arid and transition zones, but there are species that form dense forests in the humid highlands - the Scalesia Zone.

These forests are unique to Galapagos with some trees reaching up to 15 metres in height. Trees of the same species and same age grow in patches of forest, living until they are about 25 years old. During some stressful events, such as drought or extreme rainfall, all the trees within a forest can die at the same time, known as a mass dieback. Shortly after this happens seedlings start germinating in the space that was previously occupied.

Exclusive to Eastern Biological
Unframed 4-colour screen print signed and numbered by the artist
Paper Size: 500mm x 700mm 
Edition Size: 25 
Paper: White heritage 315gsm
Packaging: Sent in a postal tube
50% of the profit from this print go to the illustrator