Photo 51

by Marina Muun

Born in 1920 in London, Rosalind Franklin, an English chemist, earned a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Cambridge University. She became an expert in using ‘X-ray crystallography’ where atoms can be precisely mapped by looking at the image of the crystal under an X-ray beam – a technique that she applied to DNA fibres.

While Rosalind and her assistant Raymond Gosling worked on 1st May and 2nd  May 1952, a photograph taken that produced an interesting result. It was unquestionably unique, a cryptic swirl, unlike anything they had ever produced before: thick black stripes radiating from the centre, a clear ‘X’, the space in between - completely clear. She labelled it Photograph 51.

This photograph in time would provide insight into DNA structure. But other scientists used this experimental image as the basis for their own DNA model and were ultimately credited for the discovery. James Watson and Francis Crick after seeing Photo 51 realised that DNA must have a helical structure, and subsequently published their own pioneering paper in 1953.

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