Lucky Bats Mobile

Lucky Bats Mobile

A beautifully designed mobile by Flensted with eight black fish floating gracefully, lured by the bright red worm dangling on a hook, a tasty morsel.

This high quality mobile brings a unique design into your home - helping you to unwind or to mesmerise a child. Exquisite and modern, Flensted Mobile studio has designed their mobiles to be in perpetual motion, while maintaining a constant and harmonious balance.

Flensted Mobiles is a family business: in 1953 Christian Flensted made his first mobile to celebrate the christening of his daughter - he cut out three storks, mounted them in two straws, and the first mobile was made.

Made in Denmark.

Design: Christian Flensted
Size: 50.8cm x 2.5cm x 35.6cm
Material: cardboard, stainless steel-wire

£12.00 £16.00