Fossil Hunter Notebook

illustrated by Alice Pattullo

An A5 risograph notebook exclusive to Eastern Biological.

Inspired by Mary Anning (1799-1847), a famous English fossil hunter. Anning was born to a poor family, her father Richard who was a carpenter, is credited with having taught her everything about fossils. As a child, Mary and her father would go fossil hunting by the cliffs in Lyme Regis, which are rich in fossils from the Jurassic Period. They regularly brought many back, subsequently selling them to tourists as curios. 

In 1811 Mary's older brother Joseph Anning discovered the four-feet long skull of what we now know as an Ichthyosaur. About a year later Mary discovered the rest of it and became a national sensation. The discoveries proved to be highly controversial as Victorians were mostly creationists. So the suggestion of 'fossilised' creatures on the beach brought into question the perfection of God's creation.

Throughout her life she went on to make many more great discoveries, including the first complete Plesiosaurus in 1824, followed by the first complete (and still rare) Dimorphodon in 1828. Unfortunately Anning's gender and lowly social class prevented her from joining the major scientific institutions of the time, unlike her male counterparts.

44 plain off-white pages | Printed in east London by Hato Press 

Size: 15 x 21 cm

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