Flower Songs

by Eleanor Taylor

The cocoa flower gently opens her aroma — The gentle peyote falls like rain

Flower Songs are the incantations of the Nahua people (or Aztecs, as the Spanish called them) received by their composers from the divine House of the Sun. In these songs are references to the ephemeral nature of butterflies and flowers  even metals, jewels and gems are said to not be everlasting.

The garden of paradise of the Nahua, is believed to be the source of their flora. Plants such as the peyote cactus are found here, as depicted in the Chihuahuan Desert. For thousands of years in sacramental rituals, native tribespeople ingest peyote buttons, where the hallucinogenic chemical compound mescaline is found within.

Those who consume these consciousness-expanding plants are transported to a world of coruscating colour where they envisage a home of flowers, iridescent seashells, gleaming gemstones, and the exotic feathers of macaws, quetzals, hummingbirds — drifting among mystical visions often monsters of the mind, one needs to confront.

Exclusive to Eastern Biological
Unframed 6-colour screen print signed and numbered by the artist
Paper Size: 500mm x 700mm 
Edition Size: 25 
Paper: White heritage 315gsm
Packaging: Sent in a postal tube
50% of the profit from this print go to the illustrator