The First Colonists

by Andres Lozano

The first colony was founded at a point they named Hawkingtown, at the base of Columbia Hills in 2081.

A stream of catastrophic climate change policies made by leaders of the free world led to the almost-disintegration of planet Earth. Troubled by over-population, inhabitants fought greedily, pillaging the land’s fossil fuels for all its worth, plunging nation states into bloody wars over its natural resources. Parts of the planet which were once thriving civilisations, were now desperate and dwindled away.

A humanitarian mission was then undertaken, to a new world. A private space exploration company took the first steps – blasting out the atmosphere the brightest and strongest to colonise the faraway red ball of rock. The brave first settlers established solar energy stations, research laboratories, habitation modules and greenhouses. And with a Noah’s ark of plants, fungi and animals  these would provide sources of food, well-being, and hope.

The process of terraforming would start soon: transforming the land to modify the atmosphere, temperature and surface to match the ecology of Earth. So one day: the dry dusty canyons and craters, which were once lakes, rivers and vast oceans – will flow with blue water again.

Exclusive to Eastern Biological
Unframed 4-colour screen print signed and numbered by the artist
Paper Size: 500mm x 800mm 
Edition Size: 25 
Paper: White heritage 315gsm
Packaging: Sent in a postal tube
50% of the profit from this print goes to the illustrator

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