Eco Potagator

The Eco Potagator enables us to experience the end to end process of growing in the home. The Potagator works initially as a propagator to nurture a seedling in the best environment possible. Once the seedling has outgrown the propagator, it is ready to be planted.

Simply flip the Potagator over and you have a plant pot and tray perfect for the next stage of growing. Comes complete with basil seeds and a compost pellet, so you just have to add water.

The Potagator brings the joy of growing indoors, in a clean, re-usable, user friendly way. Recycled from 180 yoghurt pots in the UK, this is an ideal gift for anybody with a passion for the environment and growing their own.

Available in grey and blue.

Dimensions: 16cm x 16cm x 22cm

£6.95 £13.95