Coastal Zone

by Eleanor Taylor

Plants that exist on the Coastal Zone of the Galapagos (the lowest zone on the island) can be found in two areas: the wet coastal zone/mangrove zone and the dry coastal zone/beaches.

The drier areas of the coastal zone are made up of sand and rock from the sea to the high water line. Coastal plants are found in the narrow zone near the shore and are distinctive because of their tolerance to salty conditions. This area supports low lying spreading plants which are able to retain water including the saltwort, beach morning glory and carpetweed.

Mangrove trees are also one of the most common plants found in this zone, where they flourish in shallow and muddy saltwater or brackish waters. They serve an important role as the breeding sites for many birds, such as pelicans and frigatebirds, additionally providing much needed shade regions for iguanas and sea lions, as well as refuges for sea turtles.

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