Camel Wooden Toy Animal

These hand-made and hand-painted replicas of toys called Rhinoceros, Walrus and Camel are an ideal portrayal of Ladislav Sutnar’s modern concept of a toy that combines the principles of new teaching methods, abstract art and what was originally intended as low-cost industrial production.

Sutnar is best described by the word pioneer, because he developed new ways of thinking and creating. He boldly realised things that today’s generation takes for granted. With his all-round talent he joined the community of modern European designers and architects who were striving to maximise the quality of the everyday environment.

The breadth of his creative and organisational activities is astounding. He modernised the design of everyday items and publications, toys and puppets, architecture, exhibition stands and specialised education, and exerted a major influence on the lifestyle of the middle classes in interwar Czechoslovakia.

Size: 15 x 20 cm

£15.00 £35.00