Billions and Billions

by Andres Lozano

Fourteen billion years ago, the universe started. The Big Bang. A cosmic crack. Time starts. A gleaming new dawn.

Before the birth of the Universe, time, space and matter did not exist. Since then, it has been expanding. The space we imagine is billions of times bigger, than it was when the universe was born. An unimaginably vast universe consisting of billions of swirling galaxies, in each one: dust clouds, tiny planets, large planets, icy planets, burnt planets, and billions and billions of shining stars projecting sun beams. It radiates with light heat, high energy particles soaring through.

And then Life. Billions and billions of years later, on a still cloudless night, in our milky way, on mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam, a small boy called Carl looked up at the brilliant, flashing universe.

Exclusive to Eastern Biological
Unframed 4-colour screen print signed and numbered by the artist
Paper Size: 500mm x 800mm
Edition Size: 25 
Paper: White heritage 315gsm
Packaging: Sent in a postal tube
50% of the profit from this print goes to the illustrator