Art Forms from the Ocean

by Olaf Breidbach

At the nexus of art and science, this dazzling new edition of Ernst Haeckel's first work reintroduces the genius of an enigmatic scientist and passionate observer of the natural world. Although original editions of this book are extremely rare, it is now available for the first time in a paperback edition: Art Forms from the Ocean: The Radiolarian Prints of Ernst Haeckel, beautifully reproducing his drawings and watercolours.

While the variety and detail of Haeckel's drawings display an impressive understanding of biological structure, the skill with which Haeckel drew these tiny, aquatic protozoa renders them genuine works of art. This volume features commentary and descriptions of each of the radiolarians from Haeckel's work.

Dimensions: 1.9cm x 24.8cm x 31.8cm | 96 pages