Alice Bowsher

An original drawing of an African tortoise produced for a charity event in collaboration with Wild Life Drawing.

Illustrators were invited to take part in a special "Galapagos" edition, in which a snake, tortoise, iguana and gecko were drawn as these are all cousins of the species inhabiting the islands. All the illustrations produced will be sold via our Hackney Road store, with 100% of the money from sales going to the Galapagos Conservation Trust.

We are generating funds for the charity as our bricks and mortar store has been inspired by the Galapagos, the province of Ecuador that lies about 1,000km off its coast. It has historical significance in the study of natural history – this isolated group of volcanic islands and its fragile ecosystem taking on a unique status as a showcase of biodiversity. Our store's aim is to further spread knowledge of the Islands.

The Galapagos Conservation Trust works to raise awareness of this enchanted place, and to help conserve this natural wonder, ensuring they are preserved for future generations to enjoy. It is the only UK charity working solely for the conservation of the archipelago.

Read more about the event on our blog.

Size: A3