485 Hackney Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9ED

Our natural history gift shop is situated on east London's Hackney Road is a short walk away from Columbia Road – home to the famous Sunday flower market. We've made every effort to ensure a completely unique retail experience, most unusual, and not comparable to any other shop in the country; it is known as London's only independent natural history gift shop. 

Inspired by places and spaces around the world dedicated to Darwinism, we've taken the concept and aesthetic in a different direction. Instead of eccentric Victorian curiosities, expect a beautifully curated selection of books, design-led gifts, stationery, toys and art prints.

A botanical and zoological haven  our shop takes direct inspiration from the Galápagos Islands, the land Charles Darwin famously explored in 1835. The archipelago that consists of 125 islands, islets and large rocks, is famous for its unique and diverse wildlife, most of which are native only to here. Darwin called the land a “little world within itself.” This world revolutionised the scientific enquiry of the natural world; the evidence he collected here led to writing the seminal On the Origin of Species.   

Our ground floor: the Green Zone reflects the highest zone of the archipelago, where ferns and mosses grow in abundance – an earthy level, you will find many green and botanical items here. Our basement level: the Blue Zone links to the coastal zone of the islands with sea life items aplenty  but it's also a space where you'll find astronomical thrills, and a colourful sea of stories.

The store fit-out has been designed by Archmongers.

Interior photography: French and Tye