Beastly Verse

by Joohee Yoon

Graphically exquisite and beautifully produced, this book of illustrated animal poems for children is a work of art in and of itself.Large and well-made, this book is made even more surprising by the addition of four gate-fold pages.

This is a lot of beautiful book for the money and the selection of poems is superb and stronger than the few collections out there. As Ellen Handler Spitz wrote in a May 9th review of two picture books on Emily Dickinson for the NYTBR: "In the daily lives of most American children today, poetry has gone missing.

Almost entirely absent from elementary school curriculums, rarely chosen as bedtime reading by parents, poetry - formerly a joyful accoutrement of youth, an inexhaustible gift - seems forgotten. Yet poetry and children belong together.

Poets included in this book, among others: Lewis Carroll, William Blake, Robert Desnos, Hilaire Belloc, William Cowper, Christina Rossetti, and D.H. Lawrence.

Hardback details:
Size: 291 x 250 x 15 (mm)
Pages: 48 
Publisher: Enchanted Lion Books
ISBN: 9781592701667

£11.99 £13.99