Akira Volume 2

by Katsuhiro Otomo

In 1982, Kodansha published the first chapter of Akira, a dystopian saga set in Neo-Tokyo, a city recovering from thermonuclear attack where the streets have been ceded to motorcycle gangs and the rich and powerful run dangerous experiments on destructive, supernatural powers that they cannot control.

Today, Akira remains a touchstone for artists, writers, filmmakers, and fans, retaining all the brutal impact and narrative intensity it had when Otomo first unleashed it onto the world.

Katsuhiro Otomo's stunning science-fiction masterpiece is considered by many to be the finest work of graphic fiction ever produced. This edition includes a new foreword from the author and a postscript from Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson.

Paperback details:

Size: 253 x 178 x 29 (mm)
Pages: 368 pages
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
ISBN: 9781935429029

£14.99 £21.00