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London Design Festival | Photosynthesis : Air, Light, Water and Marbles

We will be taking part in this year's London Design Festival, we're happy to announce! Playdate Office, a South London multi-disciplinary practice, will be taking over our store front with an installation. The duo design concepts that enquire into ways of embedding information in everyday life, as tangible experience. Playdate have designed an experiential installation, for our store's space, to explain the process of photosynthesis. It will explore the causal relations between different elements of photosynthesis in the form of a marble run.

Photosynthesis is a process whereby plants and other organisms convert light energy into chemical energy, which sustains their existence. This process, placed at the very bottom of the food chain, supports not just plants, but ultimately all life on earth. This most fundamental but often overlooked aspect of photosynthesis can be explained by this relatively simple equation:

H2O + CO2 - Light - > O2 + Sugar

Playdate Office explore this phenomenal process of interaction between these fundamental elements of our planet - water, air and sunlight. The design is a visual interpretation of ‘chloroplasts’ which are organelles that conduct photosynthesis in plant and algae cells. Simplified structures of chloroplasts have been redrawn as sections of a marble run. The interaction between these structures and the marbles demonstrates the process of photosynthesis.

The London Design Festival takes place in venues and institutions across the city between the 16-24 September 2017.

There are three demonstrations of the marble run that will take place on the following dates:

Saturday 16th September: 7.00pm
Wednesday 20th September: 7.00pm
Saturday 23rd September: 3.00pm

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