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Papo Dinosaurs

It’s only right if we kick off the new year talking about some of our favourite toys on our online store. Papo of France dinosaurs are beautifully hand-painted, scale models made from high density durable plastic. 

We handpicked the StegosaurusDilophosaurusTriceratopsStyracosaurusBrachiosaurus, and T-Rex because of the amazing level of detail in each model, not only because we believe each one represents an accurate museum-like replica of their fossilised counterpart - but also because of their striking poses. It’s not difficult to imagine how these creatures once behaved. 

The detail on the Stegosaurus is particularly impressive. With each scale being individually sculpted, its plates, spikes mouth and nails all looking lifelike, and it’s this detail which brings these prehistoric creatures back to life.

Every Papo year adds more dinosaurs to their collection, and we eagerly await their next plastic palaeontology.

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